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Pelipal Group

Customer case study

Pelipal Group values Gern Mirror's products and reliability

PELIPAL GROUP is a leading manufacturer of bathroom cabinets etc. – and they use Gern Mirror as a supplier and partner.
As a strategic buyer at Pelipal Group, Achim Kemper works closely with us. We supply mirrors for the production of their cabinets, and Achim appreciates our reliability, among other things:

"Gern Mirror ensures that we always have the necessary elements available when producing enclosures for our customers; for the end users."

Achim also emphasizes the importance of good cooperation and personal contact:

"The right chemistry is very important. When it's good, most potential problems are dealt with at an early stage before they have time to develop. We are very satisfied with the dialog and help we receive from Gern Mirror."

Open the double mirrored doors for close cooperation

ONE OF THE KEY PRODUCTS that Pelipal Group has been looking for for years is double-mirrored doors. Achim is therefore delighted to have Gern Mirror as a supplier – because we meet their expectations and requirements on all parameters.

Pelipal Group considers Gern Mirror an important business partner – and Achim is looking forward to the continued good cooperation:

"We see Gern Mirror as a reliable business partner with whom we will continue to cooperate in the future. Good price, quality and service play a decisive role here."

When asked directly, Achim says he would rate us "good" or "very good" in all business parameters – such as product qualitydelivery and supply performance, flexibility and availability.

At Gern Mirror, we are proud to contribute to the success of Pelipal Group by delivering high quality mirrors, maintaining a close dialog and providing the right service. It is a concrete and strong example of how a close and trusting collaboration can help optimise production and create value for both parties.

April 21, 2023